Powerful total Lunar Eclipse in Libra this week ~ it’s all about relationships ~ and change


This week and next will be extremely intense weeks. And everyone should be expecting changes. Even relationships and situations in our lives that seem on track and stable are up for change. Look to where the “four corners” of the Cardinal Grand Cross fall in your natal chart for what area(s) of life will be specifically impacted. The aspect is exact on April 22-23rd, however, it doesn’t take place in a vacuum on only a day or two. The dynamic chaos will be with us until at least mid-May – much longer, if you add in the Lunar Eclipse coming up this week, and then the partial Solar Eclipse on April 28th. And even longer if planets/angles or sensitive points in the birth chart are activated.


Life is bringing us re-evaluation in all important relationships and life matters, and we can expect things we thought we had or wanted, will CHANGE, especially life goals and relationship goals! The most effective response from us, will be to allow and just let go even though that’s often easier said than done! But “letting go” will be essential now in order that we don’t continue to be dragged down a path that no longer fits our needs or life goals – and/or to continue to experience severe “growth” over the next six months! Take a breath and just KNOW that change is here. That change MUST happen now.


The total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Libra – THE relationship sign. It reaches its fullness on Tuesday and re-emphasizes the energy of change, culmination and/or endings. This will be opening doors (or banging doors) in endings, or possibly solidifying new clarity, with partners, either romantic or business. If an ending comes at this time, let it go. It’s over. And we need to know that the Universe knows exactly what it’s doing even if it’s difficult for us to accept or deal with. Also, in addition to the exact date of an eclipse, an eclipse “event” often arrives exactly one month before or after the date of an eclipse. Eclipse energy will also span six months (or more if points or planets in the natal chart are triggered).


And then, we look at the massive energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross, already activated, but becoming more exact every day.


Pluto (one of the Cardinal Cross members along with Uranus, Jupiter and Mars) is sitting dead still in the sky right now. He’ll turn retrograde on Monday, April 14th. Any stationary planet becomes more intense, more powerful.
Mercury, along with the Moon, also becomes a Grand Cross Trigger this week. On Monday, Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries and squares off with Jupiter in Cancer. Among other things, we can expect to be hearing about breakthroughs or breakdowns in news, communication, agreements, travel – anything to do with the “masses” or even “revolutions” (Uranus with Jupiter).


With Pluto, there can also be global upheavals can also be on the agenda this week, either or both politically or with massive geological changes – as in earth rumblings, shakings and shiverings.


The other Grand Cross Players, Uranus, Pluto and Mars, are often harbingers of volcanic eruptions, fires, big (Jupiter) earthquakes, or other environmental events. So it’s really not unlikely that there will be some massive earth changes triggered over these coming weeks – especially this week and next.


Also, with Pluto’s direction shift at the same time as a total Lunar Eclipse, at the same time as the approaching Grand Cardinal Cross, there’s no doubt whatsoever that change is here. And no matter how it looks, it’s what’s meant to be happening in the world and in our lives.


And on an amazingly positive note, we can use this tremendously intense energy to pole vault to some extremely positive change – and goals we never thought we could make.


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The weekly Astro blog will be posted later today or tomorrow morning…


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Leo Moon is void till this afternoon…finish up now, initiate later





The Moon is void in Leo until 3:08pm pacific today. Void lunar cycles are just deliciously made for finishing projects up. And if you can avoid beginning new ventures or projects until the Moon enters industrious Virgo at 3:08pm, you’ll be an organizing wizard and create something very solid and enduring. If, however, something significant absolutely, positively must be initiated during this (or any other void-of-course moon phase – which generally occurs every day or two), just know that things may not pan out quite as you’d hoped and/or may need to be redone, adjusted or reworked.

Today (unusually), there are also no exact aspects between the Sun, Moon or planets. Pretty rare actually – so this makes for a doubly perfect day to focus on any existing projects and work toward moving them to their completion. It’s a good day. Just use the energies to your advantage by tidying up or completing projects that you may have started recently – and simply planning your next big move!

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Aries Sun faces off with fiery Mars today… action alert!


Today, the Sun in Aries faces off with retrograde Mars traveling through in Libra.

Mars is also in an unusual position right now. He’s closer to the Earth than usual — which lends strength to his blazing energies — and-but he’s also retrograde which can turn his forceful actions into something indirect, passive-aggressive, a hidden anger, or just plain delayed.

This dance between the Sun and fiery-me-first Mars does have the potential for drastic turning points, disagreements and confrontations for these couple of days, and/or bringing relationships to an impasse – or even someone deciding once-and-for-all to leave.  But, on the positive side, the Sun also is the Illuminator.  He can (and probably will in one way or the other!) bring concealed issues or hidden agendas to light and directly to our awareness, especially any issues (particularly in relationships) we may have noticed when Mars first turned retrograde on March 1st.  We’ll likely have a reappearance here.   And/ however, any knowledge is always better than a “not knowing,” so now we’ll be able to move forward through Mars’ second half of his retrograde period (he turns direct on May 10th at 9 degrees Libra) and make clearer choices and decisions, should they need to be made.  I’m betting they do!


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The Cardinal Grand Cross is here.


The Cardinal Grand Cross is here.


Even though the aspect isn’t “exact” until April 22-23, it essentially arrives in force this week, by April 10th actually. While the precise tangle of the planets truly “peaks” on April 22nd, it’s been in effect for several months now, since December 2013, and will continue with us now for several weeks through the end of May…. Unfortunately, it’s not a single day-long event.


Right now, the Sun in Aries has moved in to complete the Grand Cross pattern with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto at 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn). He moves out of that angle shortly, but now retrograde Mars traveling through Libra backs up to take his place – and once again complete the Grand Cross.


With Mars becoming part of the volatile pattern, now we’ll want to be alert to anger and rage in the air, in the world or in our vicinities. These days will likely be very tense since on April 14th we also have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Pluto stations retrograde (making him even more willful), and the Moon (emotions) will trigger retrograde Mars just prior to her Eclipse – as well as a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries squaring stationary Pluto and opposing retrograde Mars – all seriously igniting the already combustible Cardinal Cross energy snarl.


We could see (or have) conflict, anger, rage, struggle or discouragement. But on the positive side, we can also use the energy to motivate and accelerate a “needed” change. The change is coming no matter what. How much better for us to grab it by both (or in this case the four horns of the grand cross!) and move it ourselves. Back in January, Mars also formed this same Grand Cross aspect with Jupiter, Uranus and so we could also experience a situation similar to one that confronted us back then. This time, however, since we’ve been there before, we can react differently if we choose!


Also, this week, Mercury enters Mars-ruled Aries on Monday, April 7th. And the Sun opposes retrograde Mars. Speech can get impulsive or angry. There’s our theme for the week. So, we’ll want to be alert to knee-jerk reactions, or speaking out of frustration, anger or impatience. The energy this week comes at us in a disruptive way to say the least. Volatility can lead to a crisis and/or we can be powerfully and inexpertly motivated to “get it done!” Any stuck patterns in our lives are about to come “unstuck.” No matter what.


The week closes with a deliciously romantic Venus Neptune conjunction on Friday, April 11th. Romance, creativity and soft dreamy atmosphere can prevail for the weekend. However, given the overall frustrated and/or angry energy of the week, manipulation and deception might also rear its pointy little head. We’ll definitely want to keep an eye on any rose-colored glasses we own and to be absolutely, positively sure that whatever “shiny, sparkly bauble” we just “have to have” is truly what it seems! Used well, however, this energy can bring us inspiration and divine love. However – again – a good sound reality check is in order before making any oversized love, money, or appearance changes!


More to follow…


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April roars in…


Well, I found my blog lol.  Or maybe it finally found me :)  I’ll be posting regularly again… like it or not, here I come :))


To start off…

Get ready to hang on tight (or maybe to open both fists wide and just let go!) for this WildEyedMonth of April! Change is coming. Actually it’s already here.

With two eclipses and that ever-inching-closer Grand Cardinal Cross which is exact on April 22-23 (involving the Big Guns… Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries opposite retrograde Mars in Libra, and everybody squaring off with everybody), this month is all about challenges, changes and movement – read that “growth.”

No one will be escaping this cosmic firestorm. But that also doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in a “bad” way either. All depends on your natal birth chart actually…

The Aries New Moon, which was exact on March 30th, aligned with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter and began the April activation of the Cardinal Cross pattern. And even more planets will be sliding into position throughout the month to trigger it.

For this week, it will be the all-powerful ego-driven Sun’s turn to join in and become the activator to complete the aspect. When the Sun gets involved, things can get dramatic, creative or contentious. Watch carefully what unfolds this week. It’s likely to be a precursor to the potential “booms” coming later this month. Watch for conflicts that may also arise when the Sun opposes Mars on April 8th.

And if you have any of the Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn – prominent in your birth chart, you will certainly feel this energy. Actually, you probably already have been. But everyone will feel the effects in one area of life or another depending on where these four Big Guys are traveling through your natal chart. If you know your chart, look to the 13th degree of any of those signs to see if you’ll be receiving a “direct hit.”

Finally, if there are decisions or changes that you’ve been trying really hard to avoid making when you know you should have, or if things have become stuck, blocked or sluggish in your life, or if there’s some action you’ve been avoiding taking regarding something important (especially if it pertains to an existing partnership or your home situation), this energy will force those changes!

We may as well expect major shakeups, breakups, shocking surprises, and unexpected twists and turns beginning with this month. Nothing will remain the same as it was. This is major karmic “clearing” energy for all of us. And that ultimately is a good thing. Even if it doesn’t look like it when we’re in the middle of it. If we can harness this explosive energy in creative, proactive ways, we’ll watch as we see our lives unfold and blossom in ways we never could have imagined!

Go get’m tigers!  :)

Big love,